Much of the rationale for passing the Affordable Care Act was that it would insure the uninsured.

The CBO report released yesterday found that, in addition to creating incentives to work less, the Affordable Care Act will leave  31 million Americans without health insurance by 2024.

Sean Davis recalls in a report on the CBO projections over at The Federalist that in a 2009 speech President Obama lamented before a joint session of Congress that “there are now more than 30 million American citizens who cannot get coverage.”

Well, I guess I’m with Jonah Goldberg: So What Was the Point of ObamaCare Again?

Disheartening is a mild word for the feeling that occurs when the country’s economy is disastrously reconfigured for a goal that is not obtained.

Sean Davis summed up five findings of the CBO, including this one: ObamaCare will take a bigger bite out of our paychecks (yes, Virginia, it is a tax).

It is devastating for ObamaCare that the uninsured apparently will not be helped one bit. I admit, however, that I am stuck on the idea that fewer people will work full-time.

I can imagine the single-mother—supposedly a key member of the president’s base—who’d like to work full time and improve her lot and that of her children but finds that,because of ObamaCare, her marginal tax rates will rise and there will be other incentives to work part-time. She will be trapped. I can also imagine a married couple trying to raise children in a similar predicament.

Many of us knew ObamaCare was going to be a disaster.

Perhaps we failed to grasp the full extent to which it is also a humanitarian tragedy.