Let’s face it—sometimes an expensive trip abroad on the taxpayer’s credit card by the first lady looks like—well—just a holiday.

 White House Dossier describes Michelle Obama’s upcoming trip this way:

First Lady Michelle Obama will visit China from March 19-26 – and it’s all for the children!

Which children, I’m not sure. Chinese children I think. But she’ll be looking to educate American children and promote interconnectedness and other great buzz words.

And she’ll be doing some fantastic sight seeing on behalf of the children! Also, her daughters Sasha and Malia and mother Marian will be coming along on this important mission, which will no doubt cost taxpayers hundreds of thousand of dollars, and probably well north of $1 million.

All to be paid for with borrowed money from . . . China!

Mrs. Obama’s blog explained why the Obamas sacrifice so much of their time on things such as their lavish trips abroad:

My husband and I take the time to visit countries like China because we know that today, more than ever before, our lives here in America are connected to the lives of people around the world.

The White House website describes the forthcoming trip this way:

During the trip to China, as on previous international trips to Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America, the First Lady will be focusing on the power and importance of education, both in her own life and in the lives of young people in both countries.

She will also be visiting important historical and cultural sites in China, and will share with students in the U.S. the stories of the students she meets in China, as well as interesting facts about China’s history and culture – emphasizing the importance of students learning from one another globally.

This sounds vitally important.

White House Dossier appreciates the first lady’s gesture:

Oh God, thanks, because we never could have found that stuff on the Internet. She’ll stop of course in Xi’an, where she can try to talk education with the terrocota army.

And, as we know, Asian kids really need to be reminded that education is important.

First ladies have used travel to help the country. Jackie Kennedy’s trip to India was said to have improved our relations with that country. Of course, the U.S. wasn’t horribly in debt to India. This trip makes about as much sense as Mrs. Obama's husband's statements on the Ukraine.

We shouldn’t quibble. This trip is practically free—a few million dollars, we’re told by a London newspaper. Compared to the $11 million for President Obama to attend Nelson Mandela’s funeral and a reported $100 million for Mrs. Obama’s 2013 trip to Africa, we’re getting off cheap.

And it’s for the children.