This Just In:

Obama to Promote Extended Economic Opportunities for Women

That is the headline on a New York Times story on President Obama’s visit today to a Florida college, where he will talk to women about “how to expand their economic potential.” This is the first of a series of regional forums administration officials will do on women’s issues in the coming months.  

We’re all for expanding our economic potential, but the president’s prescriptions leave much to be desired. We can’t help thinking that they are more about expanding the Democratic turnout for the midterms.

The New York Times quotes an aide saying that President Obama will talk aboutequality in the workplace and higher education. We’re for equality in the work place and higher education, but we think that the president is blind to certain—ah—realities.

For example, even the pro-Obama Times can’t avoid mentioning that we poor oppressed women already make up 58 percent of student bodies at community colleges like Valencia, the college President Obama is visiting today. This is expected to rise about 20 percent in the next seven years.

The story also notes:

But women’s incomes are not keeping up with their educational gains, and the White House is promoting equal pay laws. The administration is also looking at ways to encourage more women to study the fields of science and technology, where the paychecks can be bigger.

One reason women’s incomes may not be keeping up with our educational gains is that we have a lousy economy. Men and women are living with stymied economic potential in the current economic climate, Mr. President. The regulations you have in the pipeline, Mr. President, will likely depress employment and thus the incomes of Americans even more.

The administration is right to emphasize one thing, however: people who major in science and technology-related fields do earn higher wages. Your income is determined by your own aptitude, industriousness and decisions, including picking a college major. Glad to see a soupcon of reality intruding into the administration’s thinking on women’s issues!

But the real headline of this story should be this:

President Uses Women to Promote Electoral Opportunities for Democrats

Oh, and by the way, the president is raising money for Democrats during his sojourn today in Florida. Place: residence of Alonzo Mourning, former Miami Heat star. Contribution: $16,200 a head.

This trip isn't to promote the welfare of women–it's all about the midterms.

Don't be fooled, my sisters.