Elle has just released its list of the “10 Most Powerful Women in DC.” 

Elle is a magazine that publishes horoscopes, beauty tips, and articles with such headlines as “Does Your Hair Need a Detox?”

In a way, that makes the list more important: it reflects what people who don't think think. Unfortunately, these people make up a goodly portion of the media and political establishment in Washington.

Other than a lone Republican—Maine Senator Susan Collins, who is praised for bipartisanship—the list is a coffee klatch for mostly left-leaning Democrats. I picture the Elle editors getting together in Anna Wintour-inspired outfits and concocting the list. In addition to Senator Collins, it included:

Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker,  Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii), Hillary Clinton adviser Cheryl Mills, D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier, former U.S. chief of protocol Capricia Marshall, Center for American Progress President Neera Tanden, NARAL President Ilyse Hogue, CNN Chief Congressional Correspondent Dana Bash and POLITICO COO Kim Kingsley.

They are all dressed in the right ideas, but some of tidbits about them are unintentionally funny.

There is the Horatio Alger—of sorts—story:

At 16, Pritzker asked her grandfather for a role in the (formerly all-male) family hotel business. She grew up to run large parts of the Pritzker empire.

There’s the “policy whisperer:”

At CAP [Tanden is] the policy whisperer for progressives and was an architect of Obamacare but says, “Of course, I didn’t work on the website!”

Alas, some of these women apparently missed the “Ban Bossy” memo:

Kim Kingsley, COO of Politico: “At Politico I found out pretty quickly that I had strong instincts and liked calling the shots.”

And you know how “in” diversity is! Well, this is a list that the editors of Elle, bless their hearts, regard as diverse. Breitbart takes note:

Ironically, Elle's Editor-in-Chief Robbie Meyers explained on Morning Joe "We’re looking for diversity, and certainly unique [?] and powerful women, but also those women who have something going on right now and that [sic] are really sort of very much in the mix of things."

Diversity? Not so much. 

And of course that is what the list is about: being really sort of very much in the mix of things.

My brain needs a detox day.