We need to recognize gentlemanly behavior!

The Network of Enlightened Women poses an important question:

Is there a man in your life who fits the title of “gentleman”?

If so, you can nominate him for NeW’s 2014 Gentlemen’s Showcase. I am late in letting you know—nominations end March 31, but please hurry. This is a worthy endeavor. Here are the details.

Monica Crowley will interview the Gentleman of the Year on national radio, and he will receive a $500 scholarship award. The lady who nominates him will receive a dozen Georgetown Cupcakes. Quite genteel, I say.

I love the descriptions of some of the gentlemen who already have been nominated:   

-“For Mark, gentlemen span beyond the behaviors of simply opening doors and pulling out chairs; Mark truly demonstrates what it means to be a gentleman because to him, a gentleman puts others before himself.”

-“Whether he is on campus or on set, Derrick unabashedly shows respect and consideration to everyone he is around. As a true gentleman, these traits are demonstrated not only through words but through actions. He is one of few who not only opens the door for his loved ones but strangers as well. He recognizes life is more about service to others, not serving himself, and he demonstrates this by putting others’ needs before his own and giving one of the most precious things: time.”

 “He is a trustworthy, upstanding member of the University of Virginia’s community of trust, holding his personal honor and integrity above all. But what strikes me about TJ is his respect for the modern woman. As a member of the Jefferson Literary and Debating Society, he goes head to head with women on a daily basis and displays a level of respect and esteem for female intellect that I am positive all NeW women can appreciate. He is a thoughtful listener, someone you can turn to for a cup of coffee to discuss anything from relationship woes to U.S. foreign policy. Rather than taking advantage of the “hook-up culture” that pervades all college campuses, TJ still believes in dating; he is more interested in getting to know women who share his values.”

I wish you could make posthumous nominations. I’d nominate my grandfather, John J. Hall, late of Mississippi. All his life, he quoted the slogan of his beloved boyhood schoolmaster:

“You may not all be scholars but you can all be gentlemen.”

Being a gentleman was a high honor.

NeW seeks to bring that back.

Please help by nominating a gentleman of your acquaintance!