An author and commentator argues that something is missing from a list of people who could "wreck your diet."

The article from doesn't mention that you could be the reason you are wrecking your diet. Instead, says it could be a best friend, a food critic, or even a cake-baking coworker.

Julie Gunlock, director of the Culture of Alarmism Project at the Independent Women's Forum, responds tongue-in-cheek: "Isn't this kind of this website,, to offer us 11 reasons why our diet hasn't worked – rather than the real reason, [which] is you don't have enough self-control and ability to stick to your diet?"

Gunlock says when it comes to dieting everyone has good days and bad days – but that these kinds of articles are "designed to relieve you of personal responsibility."

"It's not your fault, it's the insecure spouse, they say; the food critic, the sports fan, the workout partner, the easily insulted family member," she comments to OneNewsNow. "[Granted], it doesn't help you to hang out with people who are constantly ordering the double burger and fries at lunch; but again, people know that if you want to stick to a good diet, you need to get moderate exercise and eat right."

Last year, a similar article from "upwave" claimed that air pollution, car dependence and antibiotics were some of the things feeding obesity.