As noted previously, Equal Pay Day wasn’t as pleasant for the White House—which uses the bogus “holiday” to promote its also phony “war on women” rhetoric—this year.

The White House was publicly called on the hypocrisy of its paying female staffers less than male staffers at a press briefing and then found itself on the defensive. Then a White House official got caught red-handed using the discredited but politically valuable 77 cent gender wage gap, even though she knew it was false.  

It's been a busy week at IWF, where we have long been in the forefront of the pushback against a vastly misstated gender wage gap that is cynically used as a pretext for bigger government and rallying the Democratic base.

In the last 48 hours, IWF has hosted a press call, attracting call-ins from major media outlets, to give solid information to combat the misinformation, produced a barrage of articles and columns, appeared on numerous radio and TV shows, briefed reporters, provided a toolkit to understand the issue and even been attacked by name on the floor of the Senate by Harry Reid!

The previous week IWF gave two briefings on Capitol Hill to combat misinformation on equal pay. So it is not surprising that word is getting out, and seeing the White House called on misinformation several times in two days indicates that the cynically-employed 77 cent wage gap may finallly be being seen for what it is: a pure political ploy that has nothing to do with improving the lives of women. So Equal Pay Day this year turned out to be a great day…for those of us who tell the truth.

It may well be remembered that Equal Pay Day 2014 was the day the phony 77 cent wage gap myth began its death throes.

At the risk of boasting, I must say that I am honored to belong to the organization that has played no small role in getting us here.