Parents want great academics and schooling options that support their families’ beliefs. Those reasons help explain why a record number of students are enrolled in parental choice programs, according to the latest School Choice Yearbook from the Alliance for School Choice. As reports, among the report’s findings:

In 18 states, Washington, D.C., and Douglas County, Colo., students are participating in 39 private school choice programs — 21 voucher programs, 16 tax-credit scholarship programs, one education savings account program, and one tuition tax credit.

Enrollment increased about 25 percent, or 63,000 students, from last year — the largest one-year increase in the history of private school choice movement.

Florida has the most students, 90,000, in school-choice programs, and Indiana’s voucher program doubled.

In every other aspect of our lives we have choices. Parental choice in education should be the rule—not the exception.