Common Core was supposed to be a voluntary, state-led effort to adopt academically rigorous standards. In reality, those standards are watered down and politicized. Even worse, private information about students and their families is being collected and distributed to third-party entities.

One Nevada dad decided to see what information was being collected about his four children by the state education department. The good news is, Mr. John Eppolito was told the department would provide an answer for him. The bad news is he’d have to pay more than $10,000 to get it.

Mr. Eppolito was informed that to build the application to provide him reports in a readable format about the data collected on his children would require 120 hours of work at nearly $85 an hour.

Even if Mr. Eppolito did send a check for the $10,000 and change to the state education department, individual requests have to be prioritized based on staff availability. So in all likelihood, his request wouldn’t even be addressed for several months.

If we’re shocked by this attitude, we shouldn’t be. The government schooling system is not designed to meet individual student needs. And, the government agencies running the schools certainly don’t operate with customer service in mind. The is what happens under a schooling system built upon the notion that children are creatures of the state.