"Feminist misinformation is everywhere,” Christina Hoff Sommers says in an email by way of introducing the first in her video series designed to set the record straight.

We urge you to watch Christina Hoff Sommers’ smart video, which debunks the specious figures—especially the bogus 77 cents wage gap—that the Obama administration and factually-challenged feminist organizations trotted out earlier this week on Equal Pay Day.

But something interesting happened during Equal Pay Day this year—there was some pushback even from mainstream media outlets.

We think this is because people like Christina and organizations like the IWF have been active for years in promoting accurate numbers.

“No competent economist takes the 23 cents wage gap seriously,” Hoff Sommers says in the video. We're looking forward to many more videos from Christina and her team at AEI!

“When a particular feminist claim is accurate, I will say so; but if not, I will blow the whistle,” Hoff Sommers says. “I have a great team working with me at AEI, but we are far outnumbered by the gender proselytizers.” But, if Equal Pay 2014 is any indication, factual feminism is making headway.