Over at Commentary Jonathan Tobin raises a good question: Where are all the feminists who cry about the “war on women” now that Ayaan Hirsi Ali, an actual victim of the all too real Muslim extremist war on women, has been seen her invitation to speak at Brandeis University cancelled (along with the honorary degree she was slated to receive)?

We have heard a great deal in the last couple of years from liberals about a “war on women” that was supposedly being waged by American conservatives. …. Liberals have tried to mobilize American women to go to the polls to register outrage over the debate about forcing employers to pay for free contraception, a Paycheck Fairness Act that is more of a gift to trial lawyers than women, and attempts to limit abortions after 20 weeks. These are issues on which reasonable people may disagree, but what most liberals seem to have missed is the fact that there is a real war on women that is being waged elsewhere around the globe where Islamist forces are brutalizing and oppressing women in ways that make these Democratic talking points look trivial. It is that point that Hirsi Ali is trying to make in her public appearances.

Fair question, right? Here is just a short list of prominent feminists, some of whom are linked to organizations supposedly fighting for women’s rights around the globe that have so far been completely silent:

Hillary Clinton

Rep. Nancy Pelosi

Wendy Davis

Sandra Fluke


Sheryl Sandberg

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand 

National Organization for Women

Donna Brazile

Katrina vanden Heuvel

Michelle Obama

Susan Sarandon

Yoko Ono

Eve Ensler

Gloria Steinem

Meanwhile a woman honored by both the White House and Rep. Nancy Pelosi is trying to silence a movie – one that features Hirsi Ali – exposing the real war against women in Muslim countries.