The Factual Feminist is back: In the new installment, Factual Feminist Christina Hoff Sommers debunks the “research” behind Sheryl Sandberg’s “Ban Bossy” campaign.

Sandberg’s campaign, for which she has enlisted a host of celebrities, has been criticized for “policing language, patronizing girls and women and just being annoying.”

But what worries the Factual Feminist is that the campaign plays fast and loose with the “facts” on which it is based.

The Factual Feminist explains how, for example, the “Ban Bossy” campaign cited a perfectly legitimate study…but cherry picked the data and twisted it into the opposite conclusion.

In another instance, the campaign relied on a 23-year-old self-esteem study that has been widely debunked.

But that’s not what worries the Factual Feminist most. “It comes out at a time when boys have fallen seriously behind girls,” says the Factual Feminist, noting that the difference between the academic achievements of boys and women is “not a gap” but rather “a chasm.” The Factual Feminist said that 140 women obtain college or graduate degrees for every hundred men.

Bottom Line: The Factual Feminist calls for—well—facts instead of the “hype, spin, and advocacy data” that have characterized the “Ban Bossy” movement.

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