Naomi Schaeffer Riley had an excellent  column yesterday on “the tyranny of the organic mom mafia.”

“Am I going to be an outcast?” a friend who feeds her kids—gasp—non-organic food asks Schaeffer Riley.

Riley quoted IWF’s own Julie Gunlock as a proponent of food sanity:

The organic foodies are not satisfied with controlling their own family’s dietary habits, they want to “evangelize,” says Julie Gunlock, author of “From Cupcakes to Chemicals: How the Culture of Alarmism Makes Us Afraid of Everything and How to Fight Back.”

The pressure on parents to use only organic food is, she says, an “outgrowth of helicopter parenting. People need to be in control of everything when it comes to their kids — even the way food is grown and treated.”

“Moms feel guilty,” Gunlock adds. They can allow themselves to think that even if they’re not perfect at something else, at least they feed their kids the best food out there.”

The organic-food industry is thrilled by this attitude. But let’s be clear. Organic food does not necessarily mean better.

The entire column is well worth reading.