For the second time today, a female with political aspirations has been noticed for making a pitch-perfect response to the phony "war on women" rhetoric.

A campaign ad for Michigan Republican senatorial candidate Terri Lynn Land is getting a lot of well-deserved attention. It was prompted by charge from her opponent that she is waging a "war on women."

Land–who must have been voted “Best Personality” in high school–has a one word response: nonsense. Do watch the ad (via PJ Media).

Although I deplore the notion of voting for or against a candidate because of gender, I have to agree—grudgingly—with George Will on Ms. Land:

Land represents Republicans’ most effective response to Democrats’ ­hyperventilating about the “war on women” — female candidates. …

Many Democrats seem to prefer the sensibility of [free contraception crusader and Georgetown Law grad Sandra] Fluke, a professional victim and virtuoso whiner.

Michigan’s electorate, which has produced today’s Republican governor and legislature, may be ready, by electing a Republican senator for the third time in 42 years, to show what they think of “war on women” hysterics as a substitute for thought.

In politics, when people start laughing at you, you’re in trouble. People are beginning to laugh on the "war on women."

This doesn’t mean that we can let up on a fact-based refutation of the “war on women.” It remains potent or it would be retired. It is code for painting conservatives as extremists who don't care about women. Efforts to inform women that big government is harmful to their long-term wellbeing are just as crucial as it ever was.

But it’s just great fun to see Ms. Land cleverly rebutting the “war on women” rhetoric in a way that can’t be ignored.

Earlier today, we noted that Colonel Martha McSally has a pretty good retort, too.