The minimum wage bill has been blocked by a procedural vote in the Senate, sparing the country for the time being another job-killing intervention into our anemic economy.

In the run up to a debate, the Commerce Department released numbers that highlight the root of our economic plight, showing why too many Americans don’t have jobs, minimum wage or otherwise.

Fox reports:

The [Commerce Department] estimated that growth slowed to a barely discernible 0.1 percent annual rate between January and March. That was the weakest pace since the end of 2012 and was down from a 2.6 percent rate in the previous quarter. 

The White House blamed—get this—the weather. No really, the White House cited “historically severe winter weather” as a cause for this historically weak “recovery.” The news report doesn’t say whether this pathetic and delusional utterance came with a straight face.

The administration did not mention the real causes of our woes, its own disastrous, job-killing policies. So I will: the mandates in the Affordable Care Act, unprecedented regulation, and the delay of the Keystone XL pipeline, which not only would have brought us energy from our (still?) friendly neighbor to the north but would have created jobs for Americans.

The Democrats will no doubt portray blocking the minimum wage bill as hardheartedness on the part of Republicans. I am not sure this is going to work at this point. An increasing segment of the populace will likely respond by saying: Wages? WHAT wages? With one percent growth, the U.S. economy simply isn't creating jobs.

I didn’t post on the sad story of the little girl, Charlotte Bell, 10, who “surprised” (to put it mildly) Mrs. Obama by presenting the resume of her father, who has been unemployed for three years, to Mrs. Obama at a public function:

“Oh my goodness,” murmured Mrs. Obama as she wrapped the little girl in a hug.

“Well, it’s a little private, but she’s doing something for her dad, right?” the first lady said to the audience, children of Executive Office employees.

“Got it,” she said to Charlotte, brandishing the resume.

Mrs. Obama took the resume with her when she left the event.

 Oh, my goodness? A friend of mine sent me this email:

Of course one would hope that Mrs. Obama would be embarrassed that someone would go public in her presence about being unemployed for three years after five years of "hope and change". … But that's not the half of it. Imagine, a child of such tender age thinking that her father's employment depends on a royal favor from our ruler in the White House!  What has our Republic of free men come to?  

If President Obama is to find employment for Charlotte Bell’s father and millions of Americans just like him, he must get off the minimum wage kick and do things that create wages. The Keystone Pipeline would have been a nice beginning.