The President and ObamaCare supporters just want us to move on. To them ObamaCare is a (bitter) pill that our country must swallow and that’s that.

But regular Americans appear increasingly unwilling to take their ObamaCare pill. It’s a poisonous pill whose effects are slowly being released causing our healthcare system –not to mention job market and economy- to grow increasingly sicker.

According to new polling Americans are growing more disenchanted by ObamaCare and that sentiment is set to grow even worse.

Fifty-five percent of Americans now disapprove of the un-Affordable Care Act and this slightly is up from a previous high of 54 percent in December 2013. Even more, opposition is more intense than support for the law and what’s driving that opposition is concern that government is too involved in healthcare.

Here’s more from the report:

As other recent national polls have shown, including the April health care tracking survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation, the recent surge in signups for the new health care exchanges has had little impact on public opinion about the Affordable Care Act. In fact, the share disapproving of the law (55%) is as high as it ever has been in the four-year history of the law. Just 41% approve of the 2010 health care law.


When asked about the health care law’s future, 49% of Americans say they think the law’s major provisions are probably “here to stay” while 43% say they probably will be eliminated.

Republicans continue to be largely united in their opposition of the health care law —88% disapprove and 10% approve of it. Among Democrats, about three-in-four (73%) approve, while roughly one-in-four (24%) disapprove of the law. Independents remain mostly opposed to the law, with 57% disapproving and about four-in-ten (39%) approving of it.

When asked the most important reason why they oppose the law, a 42% plurality say it is the over-involvement of the government in health care. About one-in-four (26%) say the most important reason is the law’s cost, while 14% cite the individual mandate and 12% say it’s because their own health care may suffer.

This new polling confirms our skepticism with the spin that Americans have embraced ObamaCare. In fact, it remains quite unpopular.

If you listen to the President and Democrats in Washington, you would think that the American public has thrown its arms around ObamaCare and therefore anyone who is still publicly opposes it or supports legislative efforts to repeal is obsessing over a done deal.

The Administration has touted a supposed 8 million signups as evidence that Americans want government healthcare insurance plans, but that number is questionable as we don’t know how many of those signups have actually paid their first month’s premiums (signifying true enrollment) and it was boosted by extending the enrollment deadline from March 31st to mid-April.

A majority of Americans oppose ObamaCare. It is likely to be a big issue in the 2014 midterm elections and those lawmakers who continue to support it should be concerned.

The failure of the Administration to execute the healthcare law – i.e. the rollout, wasted tax payer dollars on enrollment efforts, cases of fraud and abuse perpetrated by navigators– only scratches the surface of the problems with the President’s signature law. Americans know a bad deal when they see it.

ObamaCare is about to get even more unpopular as a new round of healthcare plan cancellations are predicted for this fall. Americans want options for healthcare –especially those that they can afford on their own. ObamaCare doesn’t create options but rather crowds them out and it represents government forcing itself onto our lives.