Where can you be paid to play card games or fall asleep at your desk? Work as an ObamaCare employee, of course.

According to reports from workers hired to process ObamaCare applications, because of the low number of applications submitted, they found themselves with nothing to do and wasted full-time hours on frivolous activities.

SERCO is a contractor hired by the federal government and given $1 billion to process paper applications for ObamaCare. Unfortunately, there were never enough paper applications to justify the fulltime employment of workers hired by SERCO. With no work to do, the employee passed their time in creative ways like playing Pictionary on dry erase boards or taking naps at their desk.

A St. Louis tv station breaks the story:

An employee named Lavonne told News 4 she quit her job at SERCO because she was frustrated. She said employees would fall asleep at their desks with nothing to do.

“You arrive at 6:30 in the morning you badge in, you go straight to your cubicle, you wait and wait and you wait, nothing comes through,” Lavonne said.

Lavonne said she was hired in October and left her job in April.

“I think for the entire month of December I processed six applications and that was pretty good,” Lavonne said.

“Our supervisor said if we process one or two of these a month we have done our job,” one employee said.

Lavonne said they had to come up with ways to pass the time. Employees told News 4 workers are not allowed to bring in a cell phone, pen, or paper.

“We played Pictionary on a very dry erase board,” Lavonne said. “We played 20 questions, we made up games what you did in 1989.”

Employees also told News 4 boredom reigned because of the lack of work and the restrictions on what workers could bring into the office.

Perhaps the saddest part of this story is that it’s the employees who left their positions, not the contractor who recognized they didn’t need all of the workers given the light workload or the agency overseeing the contract who recommended staff be reduced. In the private sector, you course correct for situations like this. With government –and by extension government contracting– apparently, you continue on the wrong course.

This is yet another example of our taxpayer dollars wasted on ObamaCare. From broken federal and state websites to navigator felons, we have reported on too many examples of how our hard-earned paychecks are taxed away and wasted on inept, frivolous activities.

The President’s signature legislation has done more to undermine the confidence of Americans in government’s ability to solve real social problems than probably any other failed social experiment in generations.

ObamaCare was supposed to insure the uninsured, but as we reported earlier this week, that has not happened. It was supposed to lower the costs of healthcare, but we’re seeing across the board spikes in costs for insurers, businesses, and regular Americans.

In return, Americans are getting worse coverage because of limited access to the doctors, hospitals, and medications. Others have lost their coverage entirely and we can expect more of that in the future.

ObamaCare continues to be a bad deal for Americans –in many different ways. We wouldn’t accept workers goofing off on our time in the private sector. There’s no reason we should accept it on our taxpayer dime.