The Washington Post reports that the First Lady is committed to fighting a proposal in Congress to roll back her "reforms" to the school lunch program.

Sounding a new aggressive tone, First Lady Michelle Obama vowed in a private conference call Monday to fight industry efforts at rolling back healthy school-lunch standards, an issue that could come up for a vote on Capitol Hill this week.

The remarks to health activists were made at the beginning of a week of intense lobbying around changes in the national school-lunch program, which sets standards for fat, sugar and sodium levels in food.

One wonders if the First Lady's advisors are informing her of just who's complaining about the school lunch program. It would be convenient for the White House to make this a fight against Congressional Republicans but someone might take a moment to inform the First Lady that Republicans aren’t the only people seeking policy changes to the federal school lunch program.

In fact, the most vocal critics of her school lunch reforms aren’t even in Congress. Rather, it’s the kids who are supposed to be eating this food and their parents who are genuinely concerned that their kids aren’t getting enough to eat.  

Perhaps the First Lady should take a look at this video, produced not by Congressional republicans, but by angry kids left hungry because of her reforms:

Or perhaps her twitter-savvy staff could show her this tweet from a clearly concerned mom.

The First Lady should also be careful not to demonize those who are asking for changes. And she shouldn’t become so wedded to an government program that she takes it as a personal insult each time a member of Congress tries to improve it.