Quote of the Day:

Alison Lundergan Grimes is running for the Senate in an attempt to unseat the upper chamber’s Republican leader, and she has a message for the voters: she’s a she.

  —Seth Mandel at Commentary

If I were a registered voter in Kentucky, I’d want to hear Allison Lundergan Grimes, the Democrat running against Senator Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, talk about the issues. 

Instead of the issues (she won’t reveal whether she would have voted for ObamaCare) what Ms. Grimes appears eager to talk about is her high heels. That's right–she wants to talk about her shoes.

A Washington Post profile reports:

Often appearing in a brightly colored dress, Grimes repeatedly refers to her wardrobe in her campaign addresses, even talking about her high heels. She calls herself a “strong Kentucky woman” or an “independent Kentucky woman” and, as she did Tuesday night, describes her grandmother as “one of the fiercest Kentucky women I know.” …

“This is a Kentucky woman through and through, who proudly wears a dress,” she said at one of her final stops along a statewide bus tour that culminated with Tuesday’s primary.…

She wasn’t done talking about what she was wearing.

“I have stood strong in these heels,” she said shortly after her speech in a brief interview inside her bus. “I’ve run circles around [McConnell] in this state in my heels, and we’re going to continue to do that.”

As a fellow she, I am almost embarrassed for Ms. Grimes. Still, Ms. Grimes knows what she is doing and Mandel is onto her:

This is an interesting tactic to highlight the Democrats’ invented and condescending “war on women.” But there are good reasons for it–most notably, she would prefer not to talk policy or the issues, since her party is so hostile to Kentucky voters’ concerns.

Forget ObamaCare, I have high heels!

Ms. Lundergan Grimes says, apparently with a straight face, that she is “not an empty dress.” 

I can’t imagine that this is quite what the suffragettes and feminist trailblazers had in mind.