We taxpayers just spent about $2,500 on one person. Do you know who or on what? 

That's the average cost of enrolling one American in ObamaCare. Hold on, when we examine what states spent on each person who enrolled it may give you a heart attack. Even worse, in some instances we don't even know whether those people were previously uninsured, which is important because health insurance for the uninsured was the stated goal of the President's signature healthcare plan in the first place.

Here in the nation's Capitol, when you count up the $6 million in grants spent on navigators (or enrollment counselors), the $133.6 million spent on its exchange, and the $631,000 in grants to health centers for their enrollment a efforts, we find that the government spent more than $13,000 to sign up each of the only 10,000 residents in the DC exchange.

At least we aren’t Hawaii, which rang up at a whopping $24,080 per sign up.

For that much. It would have been less expensive and created far less bureaucratic red tape to have given these individuals direct payments for their premiums and a year's worth of coverage. By the way, these calculations don't necessarily include what was spent on subsidizing the plans. 

Investor's Business Daily reports: 

While ObamaCare was sold on the premise that it could cut health costs, the results of the first open enrollment show that, even with 8 million people signed up, doing so turned out to be hugely expensive.

All told, the federal government handed out $3.9 billion in grants to 14 states and D.C. to build their exchanges, and another $827 million in grants to states that in the end decided not to build one. It spent another $64 million in grants to health clinics to encourage enrollment in those states. That's an average $1,850 per enrollee in these 15 markets.

The spending spree goes on.

The Health and Human Services Department also shoveled at least $400 million to build, and then repair, its Healthcare.gov site, which handled enrollments for 36 states.

On top of this, federal and state government spent roughly $684 million to market ObamaCare. Just between January and March, the federal government spent $52 million on paid media.

Add it all up, and ObamaCare's startup cost is at least $6.7 billion. Even if every one of the 8 million enrollees pays their premiums all year, the cost is more than $837 per sign-up.

And if recent surveys are correct that just a third of enrollees previously lacked coverage, ObamaCare will have cost $2,500 for each newly insured person.

Do you think we got our money's worth?

ObamaCare continues to demonstrate that is an ill-advised and ill-executed exercise in the expansion of government.

It costs more than expected, yet covers fewer if the uninsured Americans than previously.

Instead of real reform of our healthcare system we have a warped new government entitlement program aimed at getting more Americans on the receiving end of public funding. This is all at a steep cost to hard-working taxpayers, who might prefer to have those funds back in their pockets and available for businesses that would invest in their companies to grow their enterprises and expand more opportunities for Americans.