Hillary Clinton’s new memoir Hard Choices hits stores today. The book provides Secretary Clinton’s views on her career and accomplishments, but what do Americans think about her?

AEI Senior Fellow Karlyn Bowman and I set out to find an answer. We reviewed around 5,000 poll questions about Hillary Clinton, going back to 1992, when she first appeared on the national scene and the first poll questions were asked about here. Our findings make up the latest AEI Public Opinion Study, “Public Opinion on Hillary Clinton, 1992-2014.”

Here are the biggest takeaways from our study:

·  Hillary Clinton has received consistently high ratings from the public throughout her career. In each of the positions she has held—First Lady, U.S. Senator, and Secretary of State—most Americans have viewed her favorably.

·  Although she’s had to deal with a few controversies at various points in her career (such as Whitewater), bad news just hasn’t seemed to stick to her for any length of time, certainly not long enough to do long-term political damage to her.

·  What are Hillary Clinton’s biggest weaknesses? According to the polls, those weaknesses come in the areas of honesty and a willingness to say what people want to hear in order to get ahead.

Click here to read the full study. Before you read what Hillary Clinton has to say, read what the American people have to say about her.