by Chris Woodward

When it comes to eating healthy, Barack and Michelle Obama may be finding it hard to practice what they preach.

Barack Obama made headlines Tuesday after going for a burger at a nearby restaurant. It's at least the second venture of its kind in a month.

President Obama dropped in at FireFlies Restaurant yesterday; he and Vice President Biden dined on burgers and fries at a Shake Shack in May. Tuesday's burger run is part of the chief executive says allows him to break out of the "White House bubble."

Meanwhile, the White House is threating to veto a Republican measure in Congress to change school lunch standards championed by First Lady Michelle Obama and ordered by the USDA.

Julie Gunlock of the Independent Women's Forum admits being irritated by "a lot of these double standards" she sees coming out of the White House.

"The First Lady has a gym in her home. She has a chef to provide her with daily meals," notes Gunlock. "It is kind of irritating sometimes to take advice from people who just live inside a bubble, particularly when it comes to health and nutrition."

The First Lady has been quick to defend her efforts, saying she never said someone couldn't splurge as long as they exercise. Still, Gunlock thinks there are a number of situations where the Obamas don't abide by their own healthy eating initiatives.