Socially liberal, and fiscally conservative are just two of the characteristics of millennials, according to a new Reason-Rupe survey. Here are some other key findings about millennials:

  • A majority supports the idea of a government safety net, but if bigger government means higher taxes, 57 percent of millennials say, “No, thanks.”
  • Fully 58 percent of millennials worry about government abuse of  power.
  • Also, 63 percent believe government regulators favor special interests not the public.
  • Back in 2009 just 42 percent said government is usually inefficient and wasteful. Today, 66 percent say so.
  • A majority of millennials don’t want government telling them what to eat or drink, most want to start their own businesses and believe in competition, and a majority of millennials believe that society should be based on merit and individual achievement, not making everyone equal through redistribution.

These are important findings that indicate the rising generation of Americans esteem personal liberty and responsibility as well as free markets—not the Nanny State.