IWF has written before about how technology has opened up a world of possibilities, particularly for women, by creating new paradigms for communication, working from home and educating oneself and one’s children. 

That’s why I was happy to see this announcement about how Comcast is facilitating access to internet services for low-income families.  In addition to offering free access to qualifying families, they are also forgiving the debts of other low income family of limited means.

So often, when we think of how to solve problems in society we think first about government—what new government program can provide aid to those in need so that the rest of us don’t have to think about it? But really, solving society’s problems is a job for all of us as free individuals, whether we are organized as corporations, community groups, or just neighbors and families.  Encouraging a healthier and more active civil society is a theme of IWF's new book, Lean Together, and it’s nice to see an example of a company stepping up to that challenge.