Conservative celebrities are few and far between and so we can be forgiven for celebrating them when we find one.

The late Joan Rivers was a conservative warrior and she refused to back down when a remark of hers struck home and made people who disagreed angry (though it was hard to stay mad at somebody as hilarious as Rivers).

Peggy Noonan penned a column about the late Joan Rivers, and I quoted from an interview with Rivers in IWF’s old The Women’s Quarterly (you might want to read her very clear explanation of the flat tax, which she endorsed).

Now Abby Schachter comments on Rivers’ moral clarity at the Acculturated blog. Among other instances of moral clarity, Rivers wouldn’t back down when she was tackled over her remarks about Israel and Hamas:

The interviewer argued with Rivers that the conflict was one-sided because there were so many more Palestinian than Jewish casualties. “Then don’t put [rockets] in private homes,” she cried. And when the reporter went further by suggesting that the Palestinians had no ability to defend themselves or find safe haven, Rivers really let him have it. “You are all insane,” she exclaimed. “They started it!”

Is this the most nuanced and balanced viewpoint? No. Is it black and white? You bet. Is it accurate? Pretty much. And for those of us who love the land of Israel and were feeling beleaguered by all the violence, the physical and rhetorical attacks on our homeland and on other Jews, Joan Rivers’ view—the “they started it” view—was a real boost.

Imagine a master of the one-liner turning out to be such a master of moral clarity as well. She will be missed.