Redbook devotes its November issue to the plight of female vets who have returned from serving to face unemployment.

The magazine brought five of these vets to the White House to meet with First Lady Michelle Obama, who appeared on the cover of the previous issue to publicize her work with female vets.

And what did Mrs. Obama advise the vets to do? Why, blame “this country,” of course.

Let Neil Munro of the Daily Caller sums up the Redbook article:

Michelle Obama says that America is responsible for a female veteran’s unemployment.

She’s been given the cover in the Oct. 14 issue of Redbook to tout the administration’s claimed support for women veterans, just three weeks before the Nov. 4 election.

She returned the favor by blaming Americans for their shared economic difficulties.

“She’s been trained to be a leader,” Obama said about one unemployed veteran.

“And this country’s not giving her that opportunity, someone who wants it so desperately,” she claimed.

That resentment is close to her all-time greatest resentment quote: “For the first time in my adult life I am proud of my country because it feels like hope is finally making a comeback,” she told voters back in February 2008.

But maybe the blame for the vets’ inability to find jobs goes not to “this country” but to “this President.”

As Munro points out, after massive federal spending by Mrs. O’s husband’s administration, 6 million fewer people, including a lot of women, are working than in 2007.

That unemployment news is even more depressing when the workforce participation, the lowest level since 1978, is factored into to the equation. But massive new regulations, new taxes and ObamaCare make it difficult for businesses to prosper and hire new workers.  

And it is not just the female vets who are faring badly. It's women in general. In a report earlier this year on how various groups are doing in the current economy, the Obama-friendly New York Times noted:

[W]hile the number of women out of work appears to be much improved, the number of women employed compared with the total female population is 55.2 percent, actually worse than it was in October 2010.

Progress, in fact, is a mirage, the product of what economists call the disappearing work force: people giving up and dropping out.

Mrs. Obama, let’s place the blame where it really belongs.