A source from the Kurdish armed forces in Iraq, known as peshmerga, recently provided National Review Online with video footage he says came from mobile phones found on the bodies of dead Islamic State fighters.

The first video shows a man who appears to be an Islamic State fighter preparing to shoot a mortar at nearby enemies. It’s unclear where this video was taken or whom the terrorists are attacking.

“Are they there?” someone off screen asks. “They’re there,” another fighter answers. After repeatedly adjusting the aim, the jihadi fires the mortar.

“On them! On them! Put the camera on them,” someone yells, and the camera pivots to the hills.

The jihadis eventually conclude that the shells seem to be hitting their target — “God is great,” they say.

“Let’s go,” the black-clad jihadi says just before the video cuts out.

Another video shows Iraqi troops in vehicles on a road. The peshmerga source who provided the footage to NRO says he believes it shows the Iraqi military fleeing the Islamic State during heavy attacks earlier this summer.

An Iraqi military fighter may have initially taken the video, the peshmerga source says, and it’s unclear how the Islamic State came to possess the mobile phone that contained the footage.

— Jillian Kay Melchior is a Thomas L. Rhodes Fellow for the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity and a Senior Fellow for the Independent Women’s Forum.