Americans deserve better than the bureaucratic and costly health care system put in place by the unpopular Affordable Care Act.  

We can change the status quo, and Healthcare Solutions Week (Oct. 13-17) affords an opportunity for well-meaning citizens to come together and share our stories about how the current system is failing us and think through what kind of system we want to replace this monstrosity set up by the Affordable Care Act.

Please go to the Healthcare Solutions website or Facebook page to share your stories and learn about solutions. Healthcare Solutions Week is being sponsored by IWF, and we have an impressive list of partners.

Our most important weapon in the fight for a renewed and improved health system in the U.S. is good information.  There is a lot of misinformation out there about the effects of the Affordable Care Act. We have some informative quizes that will help us move forward with the right facts.

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Meanwhile, I love what Donna Rook posted:

When children grow up, the last thing they want is for their parents to tell them what to do. So why do any American adults want the government to tell them they MUST purchase health insurance, and what kind they are allowed to buy?

Join the conversation!

And don’t believe anybody who tells you that Affordable Care critics aren’t bursting with new ideas and solutions! Healthcare Solutions shows up that canard for what it is.