Are tampons and maxi pads toxic? 

Pardon me while I laugh hysterically….

Okay, I’m done.

Ladies, your favorite feminine products are not killing you so don’t listen to Women’s Voices for the Earth who claim your maxi pad is soaked in chemicals before being boxed up and sent to your local drug store. Their cute "detox the box" memes might scare you into buying "all natural" and "chemical-free" feminine products (and that's their marketing strategy) but when you consider why bacteria fighting chemicals are put in feminine products, you might reconsider.

The truth is, yes, these products do contain trace (meaning teeny tiny) amounts of chemicals to keep bacteria at bay and to keep it all smelling fresh as a daisy down there but these chemicals aren’t used in amounts that are dangerous for you.

So, go ahead and buy your maxi pads worry free and ignore the toxic messages coming from the chem-phobes.