Quote of the Day:

In order to change your mind, you have to have one. The “war on women” incantation is mindless — a substitute for thought.

–George Will on the Senate race in Colorado

President Obama’s wooing of the woman voter (or more precisely, the single woman voter) has been constant and rife with phony information that casts Republicans as anti-woman.  On a government website, for example, President Obama informs college women that he’s “got your back.”

But in 2014, unlike in 2012, women don't have the president's back. Politico reports:  

But with two weeks until Election Day, the president’s diminished standing with women is quickly becoming one of the biggest liabilities facing Democrats as they struggle to hang onto the Senate majority.

President Obama is polling badly with women in battleground states, especially women who do not have a party affiliation. Since men generally support the GOP by double digits, the waning support of women is a huge problem for Democrats. So, as Politico points out, the Democrats need women by larger margins in Colorado, Iowa, Alaska, North Carolina, and New Hampshire.

In Alaska, for example, incumbent Democratic Senator Mark Begich is down among women by 7 points in a CNN/ORC poll. Begich is countering with good ol’ “war on women” rhetoric, including his opponent’s voting against big pay for lawyers legislation (which the Democrats cleverly disguise as pay equity for women, which is true if they restrict the women helped to women lawyers).  

Colorado’s Senator Mark Udall—aka Mark Uterus—is down to a lead of only 9 points among women—which is low for a Democrat in Colorado where women often go for the Democrat by double digits. The Politico story has a rundown of states in which the phony “war on women” ruse isn’t working as it once did.

But, of course, as George Will wrote in his Oct. 17 column, the “war on women” was always based on the “infantilization of women in the name of progressive politics.” It also was based on phony “information”—e. g., that Republicans were going to curtail access to contraception.

Will's column is on the Colorado Senate race, where this "war on women" mendacity is even more obvious than elsewhere. Udall accuses his opponent, Rep. Cory Gardner, of favoring a ban on birth control. Ironically, Gardner supports selling contraceptives that are now prescription over the counter. That would deprive the Democrats of the issue, and they are fighting back—by redoubling on the “war on women” ruse.

The Will column is well worth reading.