CNN’s Carol Costello obviously doesn’t get out much. Introducing a recording of a profanity-laden police interview of Bristol Palin, Costello cackled that it was “quite possibly the best minute and a half of audio we’ve ever come across.”

That a CNN journalist thinks that a police recording of the 2008 vice presidential candidate’s daughter is “the best” in any category is pathetic. But Bristol Palin’s mother has been a media punching bag from the moment she appeared on the national stage. Why stop?

I say this despite Bristol Palin's having acquited herself very badly. I suppose I do have some advice for Bristol: Wash your mouth out with soap, young lady.

But Costello's spite is also unattractive. No doubt she is also amused by Bristol's $300 sunglasses and "limo."

Indeed, as Matt Lewis observes on the Daily Caller, media people loved the Bristol story because it appeared to be a drunken brawl involving people they regard as “rich hillbillies.” Lewis suggests, however, that the unfortunate scene may have been triggered because Bristol had been abused by a man.  Prudie here still doesn’t condone Ms. Palin’s language, but, if she was reacting to some sort of attack, that might be a mitigating factor…

I am not going to write about how a scion of a prominent Democrat would never have been treated this way in the media. Instead of going over the same old same old fround about media bias, I want to comment on something worse: cruelty. The left loves to lecture us on civility, but it is time to talk about the cruelty that emanates from the left and pervades public life today. 

Costello’s gleeful spite over the Palin recording was a case in point.   

By the way, Costello did apologize.