Conservatives must try to avoid playing the “can you imagine what the reaction would be if Democrats did that!” game too often.

Yes, from the IRS scandal's tea party targeting (imagine if an IRS under a GOP administration targeted leftist get-out-the-vote groups!) to the President jetting off for fundraisers with fat cats after the terrorist attack and lost of an American ambassador in Benghazi, the hypocrisy and double standards are jaw dropping and infuriating. But liberal media bias is a fact of life as sure as the sun rising in the East and the changing of the tides. People should be encouraged to understand this reality and its impact, but trying to stop or change it is the political equivalent of yelling at the ocean.

Understanding that it may be largely futile, I do want people to take note of this campaign moment highlighted on Breitbart. It features South Carolina Democrat gubernatorial candidate, State Senator Vincent Shaheen, rousing his fans and supporters, telling them that “We are going to escort whore out the door." The person he if referring to is the state's sitting Republican governor, his opponent, Nikki Haley.

If one feels charitable, one can imagine that this remark was a slip of the tongue. The sentence is poorly worded (it would sound more natural if he had said “the whore”) and he quickly, nervously, corrects himself by restating the sentence using the word “her,” and laughingly calms down the crowd, which seemed delighted by the remark.

Yet it is frustrating to say the least that this incident is glossed over, while any stupid remark made by someone on the Right is not only widely repeated on every major media outlet, but is used not just to tarnish the candidate that made the gaffe, but anyone remotely associated with the Republican party of conservative movement.

It would be silly to say that Mr. Shaheen's remark reflects how all Democrats' view Republican women. Yet if the party labels had been reversed, few on the left or the so-called mainstream media would hesitate to use this clip to paint the enitre GOP as a bunch of sexist ogres.

Sadly, name-calling happens on both sides of the aisle. It's profoundly unfair that it is only considered newsworthy when it's a Republican who stoops to such tactics.  The media ought not—though we all know they will—ignore these instances of liberals slurring women.