Just when you thought that the tone of American politics couldn’t get any lower, #CosmoVotes enters the picture.

 #CosmoVotes is sending a party bus of shirtless men to shuttle students at North Carolina State University back and forth to the polls to vote in next week’s midterm elections.

#CosmoVotes is sponsored by Cosmopolitan magazine. Not surprisingly, it has endorsed only Democrats. Here is its release on its GOTV efforts:

Attention, students of North Carolina State University: The #CosmoVotes party bus is coming for you.

On Election Day, a bus decked out with snacks, swag, and models (hi, this is Cosmo) will roll up to North Carolina State University, the winner of Cosmopolitan.com's first-ever party bus contest. The bus will shuttle students back and forth to a nearby polling location so students can vote.

North Carolina State sophomore Camden Willeford, who is the Associate Director of Publicity/Communications for the school's student government, entered the contest on behalf of his school. "This election is not a light matter here in NC," he wrote. "The weight is on the students of North Carolina State University."

The contest is part of Cosmopolitan.com's #CosmoVotes campaign, designed to get young people excited to vote in the midterm elections.

Obviously, if GOP supporters did anything remotely like this, they would be denounced as sexist morons–and rightly so, too.

Cosmo endorsed Senator Kay Hagan over her GOP opponent state house speaker Thom Tillis.

I wonder what Camden Willeford would regard as the proper transportation to something that is a light matter.    

Hat tip: American Spectator