IWF believes that a healthy culture that encourages all Americans to use their talents to their fullest, build healthy relationships and families, and create strong, respectful communities, is the foundation of our society and a necessary condition for limited government to flourish. IWF encourages discussion of key cultural issues, such as the relations between the sexes, and promotes a respect for the differences between women and men. IWF also recognizes the role that our education system plays in our economy and in our culture, and that women—as students, mothers, and as the majority of the nation’s teachers—have a unique interest in improving education policy. Women have made tremendous educational strides in recent decades, but our public education system still fails far too many children, and the Left too often uses education as a political football. IWF pushes back on the idea that more money (and a common core) is the solution and instead emphasizes the need for greater educational freedom.