In a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll, 46 percent over 45 percent of likely voters favors a Republican-led Congress to a Congress controlled by Democrats. This signals Americans heading to the polls think our nation is on the wrong track and are looking for different policies. Remember, President Obama said that while he is not on the ballot, his policies are. Americans have taken that to heart.

In 2010, the point difference of likely voters in favor of Republican led Congressional leadership was much bigger at 6 points and we remember that led to Democrats getting a “shellacking” according to President Obama. While we don’t know if another shellacking is on the way, Democrats are bracing for the worst tomorrow and the President is already shifting his strategy in anticipation of leadership changes in the Senate.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

The survey found plentiful evidence that Election Day will draw an electorate that thinks the nation is on the wrong track and dislikes the direction in which President Barack Obama has led the country. With eight or more Senate races considered close, even a slight advantage for Republicans could produce enough victories to give the party the six seats it needs to gain control of the chamber.

Those results suggest a narrower advantage for Republicans than in the latest midterm election, in 2010, when the GOP entered Election Day with a six-percentage-point advantage among likely voters. The GOP that year swept to a majority in the House, with a gain of 63 seats, and won six Senate seats.

Bill McInturff, the Republican pollster who conducts the Journal/NBC News survey with Democrat Fred Yang, compared the election to a close football game. While “2010 was a kind of two-touchdown, embarrassing loss” for Democrats, “this is more, Republicans win on a field goal.”

“It’s not 2010, but it still means you can have Republicans pick up the Senate,” said Mr. McInturff, who predicted the election would yield a GOP-led Senate and gains in House seats that could reach double-digits.

Moe than just a battle of parties, Americans are voicing disapprobation with the dominant progressive philosophy that is failing our nation. Big government spending and bailouts of industries have not hoisted the economy out of the ditch it crashed into a few years back. At best, the economy is sputtering along and it has left good-paying jobs somewhere back in the ditch.

Obama-favored policies that claim to help working families (such as raising the minimum wage and ObamaCare) take money out of the pockets of Americans and may cost minimum wage workers their jobs as small businesses struggle with a double whammy of paying workers more and providing health insurance. Companies have learned how to get around the healthcare strangle-hold: reduce part time worker hours to under 30 so as not to trigger the healthcare mandate, forgo hiring and forgoing growth. Premiums are spiking especially for young people because of ObamaCare.

Most Americans know that the best ideas for how to solve our problems don’t originate in Washington, they bubble up from our communities or states and migrate to D.C. Regular families, neighbors, churches, nonprofit organizations, parent-teacher  associations, civic associations, law enforcement, and the myriad other individuals and groups working together solve their local problems. The party in Congress willing to listen to us instead of so-called experts, that use taxpayer dollars as a brush and federal policy as a canvass to paint their misguided experiments, must win for the sake of our economy and our nation.