The recent election result are good news for those who believe parents, not DC politicians, should control schooling. As the Daily Caller’s Blake Neff reports:

A snap survey of insiders in the world of education policy finds that the vast majority think 2014′s midterms have paved the way for an expansion in school choice opportunities, while simultaneously spelling bad news for Common Core’s ongoing implementation.

The survey was conducted by Whiteboard Advisors, an educational policy consulting firm. …

Agreement was nearly universal that the Republican wave was good news for school choice policies such as vouchers and expanded charter schooling, with over 80 percent agreeing those policies were more likely to be implemented and not a single person thinking they would be hindered. Similarly, over half think that Republican victories will encourage efforts to reform teacher tenure by making it harder to obtain and easier to lose.

On the other hand, over 75 percent think the election was bad news for Common Core, with wins by Core skeptics in states like Arizona and Maryland increasing the chances the controversial standards will be repealed or at least delayed. …

“Republicans are going to flex their muscle on the gainful employment reg[ulations] recently released by US Dept. of Ed.,” said one anonymous insider. Another was more succinct. “RIP gainful employment.”

If newly-elected officials stay true to their stated principles, parents across the country could see expanded education options for their children, and adults could see more affordable and flexible higher education opportunities that fit into their busy schedules.