It is now widely known that ObamaCare architect and Youtube sensation Jonathan Gruber thinks we’re all pretty stupid.

But what segment of the population does Professor Gruber regard as being even stupider than the population at large? Why, Gramps and Gran of course, who helped pay for college and other amenities. (If Gramps and Gran are more than 75-years-old, another ObamaCare architect is already on their cases for selfishly living too long.)

The Daily Caller has uncovered a slide presentation in which Professor Gruber talks about the stupidity of our older citizens (apologies that there is no Gruber video to go along with the slides–I know, it's a bummer). But here is the DC story:  

Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber said “seniors do a terrible job choosing” their own public health care plans, according to presentation slides Gruber wrote that were obtained by The Daily Caller.

With Obamacare limiting patients’ ability to choose their own insurance plans, doctors and medications, we might now know why: the law’s designers don’t think people know how to choose.

“We have experimented with choice in public insurance: Medicare Part D,” Gruber stated on a presentation slide dated Jan. 22, 2013. “Typical senior has 50 PDPs [Prescription Drug Plans] to choose from.”

But what’s wrong with seniors being able to choose their own plan?

“Seniors do a terrible job choosing,” Gruber said.

Gruber’s slide then claimed that 12 percent of seniors allegedly picked the lowest-cost Medicare Part D plan and could on average save up to 30 percent more, without noting that some seniors pick prescription drug plans that work for them that are not necessarily the cheapest possible plan.

It should be noted that generalizing from 12 percent is really not that smart (100 – 12 = 88, Doc G). One suspects that Dr. Gruber is really unhappynot that senior citizens pick the wrong plan but that they don't pick the one Doc G would pick for them.

But it shouldn’t matter that their decisions aren’t Gruber-approved. We have had a tradition of a citizenry with independent minds making its own choices. We should restore this tradition as soon as possible. Doing so requires replacing ObamaCare.