Last week students at Wisconsin’s D.C. Everest High School boycotted the onerous federal mandates under Michelle Obama’s Healthy and Hunger-free Kids nutrition standards that have made their meals so unappetizing. Senior Meghan Hellrood organized the boycott at her school, and students at several other nearby schools followed suit—similarly fed up with federal meddling in their meals.

As news of the boycott spread, making international news, federal officials felt compelled to reach out to school officials to find out what they could do to make meals better. As’s Victor Skinner reports:

Hellrood, who described the school’s lunches as “hardly even edible” for a column in the school newspaper, told the Wausau Daily Herald she has nothing against the school’s lunch program, it’s the federal rules that are the problem.

“We just figured (a boycott) would be the simplest way of doing it,” she said. “We love our faculty and our staff members and our lunch ladies, it’s just the act itself. We just want to show Washington and the act that we don’t agree with it.” …

“We’re in high school. We should not be told what to eat and what not to eat,” Hellrood told the Herald. “We should be making those decisions for ourselves.”

Apparently, students in many other school districts agree, and today’s boycott could soon spread to other schools.

“Hopefully, it’ll go nationwide,” she said. “There’s a lot of interest from other students and I’ve received emails from other students who want to do it at their school, so that’s really cool.”

Yes, Meagan. Fighting for food freedom certainly is cool. So is fighting for personal responsibility instead of government dependency.