by Chris Woodward, Charlie Butts (

Meanwhile, the latest round of open enrollment in ObamaCare continues. But Hadley Heath Manning, director of health policy at the Independent Women's Forum, says there is more to consider than just the number of people who have or don't have insurance.

"… More importantly, I would ask: Are people satisfied with the kind of health insurance coverage that they have? Are they paying more in their premiums or in their out-of-pocket costs? Are they able to access as many doctors as they need? Are they able to buy the prescription medicine that they need to buy? There are a lot of [other] metrics."

Manning points out millions of Americans were insured through government health insurance before ObamaCare, be it Medicare, Medicaid, or Veterans healthcare programs.

"Those programs had a lot of problems and continue to have a lot of problems," she adds. "So really, I would focus on: Are people in the United States getting quality, affordable healthcare? That's the question – not so much, How many people have enrolled in an ObamaCare plan?'"