Many current-day feminists like to present themselves as a warm, caring bunch. The reality is very different if you don’t toe a highly politicized party line. The Federalist’s Rachel Lu presents a very refreshing perspective—one that should be familiar to IWF’s audience-about what real empowerment means.

First, female empowerment should embrace “fertility as an important and defining element of our womanhood,” not a social ill that some government program should deliver us from. Second, relations between the genders shouldn’t be governed by rigid social norms, but as a general rule women like men, and men like women—and we all do better working together.

I the end, says Lu, those calling themselves feminists should:

Spend a little less time searching for women who are being victimized, and think a little more about how women can make society better. Worry less about equality [understood as same-ness], and more about happiness. Listen harder when people of both sexes talk about what they actually want and need.

In a truly thriving society, we shouldn’t need any feminists. Let’s all be humanists instead.

So understood, working together we can help rectify true victimization, promote justice, and together, make our world a better place.