2014 was the year that the “war on women” bombed for Democrats at the ballot box. But that wasn’t the only feminist fiasco of the year. Don’t miss Charlotte Allen’s hilarious “Top 10 Feminist Fiascoes of 2014” in the LA Times.

Rolling Stone’s unraveled “gang rape” at U Va story is number one.  Here are three others on The Other Charlotte's Top Ten List to whet your appetite for the whole article:

F-Bombs for Feminism: Someone actually thought it would help the cause of women to dress up little girls in princess costumes and video them as they dropped the f-word more times than Leonardo di Caprio in “The Wolf of Wall Street.” I kept hoping the voices in this video were dubbed by adults who had the sense not to put foul words into the mouths of children — but no chance.

Hobby Lobby:  The Supreme Court ruled on June 30 that a federal religious-freedom law permitted the crafts-store chain to refuse to pay for certain kinds of birth control for their employees on the ground that they could be abortifacients. Feminists and other progressives vowed to boycott Hobby Lobby out of business — but they forgot that there’s hardly any Venn overlap between boycotter feminists and the women who actually buy stuff at Hobby Lobby.

The Nine West shoe ad ragefest: Nothing inflames a feminist more than the idea that women primarily want to be wives and mothers. So when Nine West launched a series of ads for stilettos over the summer with such slogans as “starter husband hunting” and “first day of kindergarten,” feminists clutched their pearls so tightly over the supposed damage to women’s “self-esteem” that they nearly decapitated themselves.