Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign to combat child obesity turns five next year, but evidence indicates it’s (another) failed program that’s good at growing government, but lean on results.

As The Daily Caller’s Scott Greer reports:

Sam Kass, along with cooking dishes for the Obamas, helped create Michelle Obama’s much criticized “Let’s Move!” program in his capacity as “senior nutrition policy expert.”…

While the Obama family stresses knowing the diets of all American children, they like to keep their own food choices out of the public eye. When Kass was asked by The Associated Press about what the Obamas like to eat, he said it was “top secret” — in spite of no longer being on their payroll. Kass turned in his apron Thursday, but will still stay on as Let’s Move’s executive director

Perhaps Michelle Obama should realize that she and her family are no different than the rest of us: we don’t want other people—especially government bureaucrats—poking their noses into our business…including what’s on our plates and in our children's lunch boxes.