There are few couples in America who fought as hard as Matt and Brittany Cover to defeat ObamaCare. Brittany, a seasoned conservative communications operative, has worked for Citizens United, and was the RNC’s social media coordinator during the 2012 elections. Matt was a longtime conservative reporter for CNS News who did what the mainstream media rarely would: keep the spotlight on the politicians ramming the unpopular mountain of regulations down voters’ throats, and hold them accountable. (He once asked then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi where specifically does the Constitution grant Congress the authority to enact an individual health insurance mandate?” She responded, in typical fashion, Are you serious? Are you serious?")

Since the elections, the Covers have both left the jobs they held, and the health-insurance coverage that went with those jobs. Their fear and loathing of the healthcare bill has moved from the abstract to the very real. The poisonous effects of ObamaCare on the health sector is one subject many conservatives hate being right about, despite the Obama administration’s fervent vows to the contrary. And Brittany, a woman with a medical precondition and thus precisely the promised beneficiary of the law, knows just how hollow those promises were.

During the 2012 election, while working long hours running the GOP's social media department, Brittany was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. Since leaving full-time work at Citizens United behind, the Covers have been forced to seek healthcare from the ObamaCare insurance exchanges in their home state of Virginia. Being intimately familiar with the law, the Covers thought they knew what they were in for. Despite rock bottom expectations, the couple has been shocked at just how poorly their case has been handled by the unfeeling, unthinking bureaucrats now in charge of their healthcare. Brittany was forced to ration her own medication and live with debilitating pain, all while trying, in futility and frustration, to navigate the extra layers of red tape thrown up by ObamaCare in front of those simply trying to get care.

In a series of hopeless and infuriated tweets, Brittany explained her healthcare saga,