By Chase Purdy

On the other side of the coin: the Independent Women’s Forum on Monday mocked Eschmeyer’s support of farm-to-school in a blog post, describing her as nothing more than a big government ideologue. IWF pulled a quote from an interview Eschmeyer did with Civil Eats back in 2010 in which reportedly said, “… I listen to Rush Limbaugh and Rachel Maddow. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing a Sarah Palin 2012 t-shirt or that you’re an Obama devotee, everyone should get behind Farm to School and improving school lunch and the overall food system.”

IWF’s Julie Gunlock shot back with sarcasm: “Farm to school…it sounds nice, doesn’t it? Makes you think a tractor pulls up to the school every Wednesday to unload the freshly picked crops, never mind that it’s around 12 degrees in most northern states and the ground is hard as cement. And that other line about everyone getting behind improving school lunches: yes, yes, we all want kids to eat better but is growing government’s role in how kids eat the best way to achieve that goal?” The IWF post is here: Eschmeyer’s Civil Eats interview is here: