Healthcare is expected to be one of the many things President Obama will touch on tonight in his State of the Union. But the numbers are not everything when it comes to ObamaCare.

The current open enrollment period for ObamaCare runs through February 15.


While the Obama administration is optimistic it will reach the 9.1 million enrollees it planned for, conservatives and critics of ObamaCare say there are other things people must consider.

On top of that number, says Hadley Heath Manning, director of Health Policy at the Independent Women's Forum, one question to ask is how many people who enrolled were already previously enrolled.

"How many of them were previously insured through a private form of insurance, where they weren't taking government money through subsidies to help supplement their payments towards their health insurance premium?" she asks.

There are other concerns, too, such as whether there is good doctor coverage and if the coverage actually covers their medical needs.

Meanwhile, Manning questions the cost of all this compared to the value of the health insurance product that millions of consumers are getting.