Quote of the Day:

The current crop of feminists have become particularly shrill, perhaps in proportion to how unrepresentative they are. But they shouldn’t be ignored for one reason in particular: They are trying to ruin sex as we know it.

–Mark Hemingway in The Feminist

In today’s must-read article from The Federalist Mark Hemingway elaborates:

Where feminism once promised sexual liberation, as a social movement it’s become so birdbrained it no longer even knows what sex is or how two people have it. (It’s a foregone conclusion that the why of sex is lost on them as well.) By now, most men are accustomed to feminists railing against their tools of oppression, but these days if you don’t show due deference to a woman’s penis—well, that’s when all hell breaks loose.

Hemingway’s article, hilarious in a black humor sort of way, explores a phenomenon we’ve commented on frequently in the blog: the increasingly self-involved, irrelevant and just plain off the wall nature of modern feminism. They are also ruining sex.

Mark discusses such recent developments as the decision by Bryn Mawr, the famous women’s college, to admit people who “live and identify as women”—as opposed to just plain women. Bryn Mawr does draw the line, however: it won’t accept biological women who live as men.

I urge you to read Mark’s funny but serious piece.