(WASHINGTON, D.C.) — Today the Supreme Court is hearing a crucial case with historic implications for our system of government and for our healthcare system – King v. Burwell. Independent Women's Forum released the following statements:

Hadley Heath Manning, Health Policy Director said:

"Some liberals and Democrats have suggested that a ruling against the government in King v. Burwell would result in a crisis. However, the crisis is already here. The crisis is ObamaCare. The confusing mess of a law that has resulted in millions of health insurance cancellations and unaffordable premium increases on American families, has caused countless workers to lose their jobs or have their hours cut, and has severed doctor-patient relationships, even for many who are very sick.

"We urge the Supreme Court Justices to uphold the rule of law and free millions of Americans in as many as 37 states from the horrors of ObamaCare’s mandates and penalties. It is their role, as our judicial branch, not to listen to political arguments, but to focus on legal arguments and to assure that the rule of law prevails."

Charlotte Hays, Director of Cultural Programs, added:

"By ruling against the IRS and enforcing the law as written, the Court can restore Americans’ faith in government and in our ability to tackle the problems in our healthcare system the right way. Laws should be written by the people and their elected officials, not the IRS.

"ObamaCare made a messy healthcare system even worse. The Supreme Court, by siding with petitioners, can empower states to better solve the problems facing our healthcare system. It’s time for the President together with both parties and the three branches of government to work together to move beyond ObamaCare and help the American people. Together, we can make health care better, more affordable, more simple, with more choices, and built for the American family, not the IRS and big insurance companies. We call upon the Justices to focus on legal arguments, not politics. And we ask leaders in Congress and in states to protect those who were misled by the IRS and issued illegal subsidies while working to offer all Americans a better path forward.


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Celia Meyer
Communications Associate
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