Today Opportunity Lives released a new miniseries called "Comeback," which highlights stories of personal transformation among people who've escaped poverty.

In the first episode, Congressman Paul Ryan, well known for his entitlement reform proposals, explains how his interest in the War on Poverty grew. As a policymaker, he has studied the government's unsuccessful attempts at reducing poverty through new laws, programs, and government benefits. So what would a successful effort to reduce poverty look like?

It turns out that a successful fight against poverty is complex and hard. It requires personal relationships. It requires personal transformation.

It may be hard, but it's worth it.

Some of the individual stories in "Comeback" are about drug addictions, crime, families falling apart. And, as the title implies, it's about overcoming, redeeming, and repairing those damaged lives and relationships. It's also about the power of local charitable organizations and relationships — a good reminder to love our neighbors, seek out those who need help, and support the charities and ministries in our communities that are on a mission to change lives. 

Grab a box of tissue and prepare to be inspired! This mini-series shows that to break the cycle of poverty, individuals and families must be empowered. People and communities can be empowered through strong relationships, economic freedom, personal charity, faith in other people, industriousness, good decision-making, entrepreneurship, and opportunity. With all the bad news in the world, it's refreshing to hear these happy stories and to hope for better lives for so many more Americans.