Health Interventionists showing up to your work place for a heart-to-heart on your eating habits.

These same interventionists showing up to your kid’s school without you knowing.

Parents being charged with child abuse if their kid’s BMI gets too high.

Government monitors on your television to make sure you’re not watching too much TV.

Government bureaucrats tweeting you when you’ve eaten too much.

EPA monitoring your shower to make sure you’re not wasting too much water.

Taxes on your favorite beverages and snack foods.

Government restrictions on salt and sugar.

When is enough enough?  Americans are facing an onslaught of new restrictions on the way they live, eat, shower, raise their kids, relax, and enjoy life and it’s all because “it’s good for you.”

It’s important to realize that this isn’t some oversight or the result of overzealous bureaucrats at government agencies. This is by design. The Obama administration has employed nudge theory to their policy initiatives. Nudge theory holds that the government can nudge—really shove–people to do what’s good for them by limiting people’s choices.

Don’t want people to drink soda? Tax it and make it difficult for people to afford. Want people to feed their kids a certain way or want them to raise them a certain way? Threaten them with jail time or suggest their kids will be taken away if certain behaviors aren’t followed. Want people to eat right and exercise? Tell them that if they don’t comply, some government official is going to show up at their office and embarrass them. 

This is nudge theory and while it’s wrapped up to look more socially acceptable, it’s simply a form of re-education. Americans should be aware of these measures and take note that this administration is determined to make them behave, no matter the cost.