If you think Lena Dunham’s Obama ad comparing voting for the first time to losing your virginity was the absolute low point in campaign rhetoric, you may be behind the times.

A new pro-Hillary ad features—apparently—a nine year old girl talking about her “va-ja-jay”—as in “having a va-jay-jay shouldn’t mean less pay.”

You have to love baby talk about women's bodily parts as a feature of the political discourse of our great nation.

I use the word “apparently” because we don’t know who is responsible for the ad and because it is so—I am searching for a word—outre. It features children running and citing childish reasons to vote for Hillary Clinton. It ends with a hairy-legged Bill Clinton in a red dress with a little purse and a petition to vote for “Bill for First Lady.” (You can view the ad here.)

I can’t characterize the ad better than tweeter Michelle Peper: Wow. Super creepy. It is by no means clear if this ad is a stunt or a political endeavor. The group’s website is not illuminating on this issue:

We are a national online grassroots movement of young Americans to support Hillary Clinton for president in 2016 and make "herstory" by putting a woman in the White House.  

Kyle Smith of the New York Post actually debates the propositions of the ad, but I am going to reserve comments until we know more about the provenance of this ad—it is so creepy and weird that it may be a joke of some sort rather than an exhortation to vote for Mrs. Clinton.

But then again it may be on the level and another indication of how pathetic political discussion is now.

Hot Air, which shared my skepticism, looked into the matter and found that the organization allegedly behind the “va jay jay” ad has filed with the FCC and appears to be legit.

Hot Air writes:

So yes, this appears to be on the level, at least in terms of its sincerity. In terms of its content, though, it’s execrable. It uses pre-teen girls who have no concept of the political issues they are regurgitating for the camera to make the argument that it’s time to put a “va-jay-jay” in the White House. In fact, the video puts that term in one girl’s mouth.

Hot Air also deduces five reasons why supporters of Mrs. Clinton should be embarrassed by the ad. I like this one best:

Having little girls discussing their “vajayjays” as a political argument is just appalling. It’s appalling when adults make genitalia-based arguments, too, but at least we know it’s their argument.

I urge you not to look at the ad (available here) before breakfast.